Welcome to Safety Town

The Safest Little Town in West Virginia!

The vision of Safety Town is to create a culture of safe individuals who understand what unsafe situations are and how to respond to the situation appropriately. Safety Town instructs children on proper transportation safety situations, fire safety situations, personal safety situations, and violence prevention.

Situations like these can be life threatening causing destruction and emotional stress. Creation of an informed culture on these issues has and can reduce the occurrence of such events in the future.

Best practices are taught in each field of safety at Safety Town to allow the child to gain knowledge to be prepared for such events if and when they occur. 

The mission of Safety Town is to promote a safe learning environment for children in the community to be educated about unsafe events that they may face in their daily lives in a controlled classroom, simulated environment.

History of Safety Town

Safety Town started in the 1970’s at Miller Elementary School in Huntington, WV. The pioneers of the program worked tirelessly to share the benefits of such a program with the community. With much success, the City along with the program staff were able to purchase the property along 1450 Memorial Blvd. to build the miniature town. For years now, Safety Town has educated 2nd grade students in the local public school districts of Cabell and Wayne Counties.

The program was coordinated through an effort of grants, city support, county commission support, county school district support, and overseen by the Huntington Police Department since 1975. Many changes over the years have made its mark on the child-size city.

Currently, the program is overseen by the finance division for The City of Huntington with support from all other city departments and divisions.

Vanessa C Hankins
Director & Coordinator

Safety Town
1450 Memorial Blvd.
Huntington, WV 25701
(304) 696-5540 ext. 2065

Mailing Address
City of Huntington
Attn: Safety Town
PO Box 1659