Donations & Sponsorships

General donations to the Safety Town Program are encouraged and accepted, but we also have several sponsorship packages available to the general public and corporations that wish to contribute to Safety Town.

Note: Building sponsorship and Town Park Bench packages are set prices, per building or park bench. Building packages will require a sponsorship agreement form to be on file, along with a completed Safety Town Donation Form. 

The Town Park Bench Package Includes:

    • A new park bench placement in the town with a customized placard with sponsors name and message approved by both parties.
    • All park benches will be purchased the same. The benches are 4ft. long, black base with brown slats, made from recycled plastic for economic and maintenance longevity.
    • Benches will comfortably seat two children or one full grown adult.
    • Total price per bench: $500.00

The Town Building Package Includes:

  • Naming Rights of a building for two years from date of agreement. Agreement renewal will become yearly after first two years and price will reflect this change.
  • Building sponsorships als require a “sponsorship agreement” from which spells out the details of the sponsorship.
  • Pricing for this package is per building as each building has different specifications.

General Donation Package Includes:

    • General donations to the Saftey Town Program are encourage and accepted.

The Educational Programming Package:

  • Materials that participants take home will be replinished with this package.
  • All materials purchased will go towards education videos and equipment for Safety Town and or handouts for Safety Town.
  • Donors will be recognized via our Facebook page and sizeable donations will be mentioned on the sponsorship wall at Safety Town.
  • Any amount of donation for this package is accepted.

The Security Package Includes:

    • This package is an all encompassing package to improve the security of the facility and grounds at Safety Town.
    • Items to be purchased in this package are:
        • Door Access Card System
        • Security Camera System
        • Exterior Door Replacements
        • Secure Fence Line
    • Price for all items: TBD


All sizeable donations, excluding the building and park bench packages, will receive the following:

$1,000-$5,000 will receive a small placard on our sponsorship wall.

$5,000+ will receive a large placard on our sponsorship wall.

Details can be discussed by contacting us at at 304-696-5540 ext. 2065 or by emailing for any packages or recognition details.